Labels: Metal Heaven, Hot Rockin'
Release date: 2003
1. Unicorn
2. History of Times to Come
3. Ravenwing
4. Innocent
5. Wrath of a Warchild
6. Kingdom of the Night
7. Fire & Ice
8. House of My Soul
9. Immortal Disorder
10. Here I Am
11. Emerald Eye
12. Unicorn (demo) *
* Japanese version

Pekka sang backing vocals. This band included Emppu Vuorinen on guitar.

Ari Koivunen
Fuel for the Fire
Labels: Sony, Epic
Release date: 2007
1. God of War
2. Hear My Call
3. Fuel for the Fire
4. Don't Try to Break Me
5. Angels Are Calling
6. I Fly
7. Our Beast
8. Losing My Insanity
9. Stay True
10. Stormwind
11. Heartstealer
12. Hetki Ly÷
13. Piano Man
14. On the Top of the World (radio edit)
15. Don't Try to Break Me (live) *
16. Angels Are Calling (live) *
* Japanese version

Pekka sang backing vocals.

The New Dark Age
Labels: Spinefarm, Universal
Release date: 2008
1. The Decaying Doctrine
2. Conqueror
3. Kiuas War Anthem
4. The New Dark Age
5. To Excel and Ascend
6. Black Rose Withered
7. After the Storm
8. Of Sacrifice, Loss and Reward
9. The Summoning
10. The Wanderer's Lamentation
11. Towards the Hidden Sanctum *
* Japanese version

Pekka sang backing vocals as part of "The Majestic Choir of Ukko."

Place Vend˘me
Streets of Fire
Label: Frontiers, King
Release date: 2009
1. Streets of Fire
2. My Guardian Angel
3. Completely Breathless
4. Follow Me
5. Set Me Free
6. Believer
7. Valerie (The Truth Is in Your Eyes)
8. A Scene in Replay
9. Changes
10. Surrender Your Soul
11. Dancer
12. I'd Die For You
13. My Guardian Angel (acoustic version) *
* Japanese version
Pekka wrote the lyrics for "Believer" and "Changes", and Torsti Spoof wrote the music.
Torsti also wrote the music for "Streets of Fire" and "Dancer", and Tuomas Heikkinen wrote the lyrics.

Agnes Pihlava
Labels: Scandal Music Company, Avalon/Marquee
Release date: 2009
1. Own Two Feet
2. For Your Redemption
3. Don't Fall in Love
4. Wasn't It Enough
5. Maybe I Was Wrong (Our Sweet Placebo)
6. In My Dreams
7. You Believe Her
8. Seventeen
9. Ready to Fall
10. Footsteps
11. This Moment
12. Tears with a Smile (Ancara featruring Agnes)
13. Words *
* Japanese version
Pekka wrote "Wasn't It Enough" with Tuomas Heikkinen. Tuomas also wrote other songs on the album.